Fitness Classes


Aqua Therapy – Enjoy the healing benefits of the water with Aqua Therapy. Excellent for those suffering from MS, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or stress. Chairlift available to those needing assistance entering the pool.

Water Works – A great way to condition the heart, muscles & joints with less impact than exercising on land. Uses the natural resistance of water to sculpt muscles, improve balance, and burn calories. Appropriate for all fitness levels, beginner to advanced!


CKBAT – A total body, martial arts inspired workout using bags and mits to increase heart rate and reduce stress. Focus is on precision and power throughout the hits. A great full body workout.

Cycling – A dynamic indoor group cycling experience. Fully adjustable bikes, an enthusiastic instructor and great tunes set the stage for an incredibly motivating workout.

Kickboxing/HIIT – Aerobic-cardio kickboxing, combines elements of boxing, martial arts, and aerobics to provide overall physical conditioning and toning. Kickboxing is a full-body workout that includes movements such as knee strikes, kicks, and punches using a standing heavy bag.

Muscle Attack –Do you want to reshape your body and burn calories? This class will target all muscles in a balanced manner, using dumbbells and body weight with cardio blast intervals to spike your calorie burn. If you hate lifting weights alone, this one is for you! More lean muscle mass = greater resting metabolic rate!!

Step 2 It! – High energy calorie burning cardio workout utilizing the Step platform with simple yet powerful moves. Class concludes with core work.

Venus Index -Do you want to build an ideal body, transform yourself and completely change your life? The mistake most experts make when creating a workout program is they don’t focus on a specific shape and they usually let you work all your muscles equally. The Venus Index weight training workouts create a body that will look truly amazing as we focus on building a shape that’s naturally attractive – an hourglass shape. Appropriate for all levels of fitness! Personal consultation and measurements provided by instructors.

Xtrain’s Cardio – Get ripped and strike hard! High energy boxing infused cardio workout.

X10 – Short, high intensity cardio segments combined into one class. Sure to never be the same twice. Segments include: step; low impact; high impact; cardio blast; and fat burning circuits.

Zumba – Dance your way into shape! Enjoy upbeat Latin music and a fun, motivating instructor.